Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2020-09 The development of strategic management and its relationship with innovation studies 吳思華、Wu, Sehwa、PANG-SONGQUAN、LIANG-WENZHE conference (55)
2020-09 Profiling Customers with Big Data and Price Discrimination in Banks: Legal and Management Implications 鄭菀瓊、Cheng, Claire Wan-Chiung conference (39)
2020-08 Perpetuating or penetrating? The discursive construction of CLIL teacher identity and agency 黃怡萍、Huang, Yi-Ping conference (32)
2020-08 Language planning and language attitudes: A study of Czech university students’ position with respect to the Czech-Slovak language contact. 林蒔慧、Lin, Melissa Shih-hui、Sloboda, Marián、Nábělková, Mira conference (32)
2020-07 Aren’t Public Servants the Key to Anti-corruption? The Relationship between Risk Propensity, Public Service Motivation, and Whistleblowing Behaviors. 董祥開、Dong, Hsiang-Kai Dennis conference (66)
2020-07 Routine as dynamic innovation capability 吳思華、Wu, Sehwa、Mei, Kuo-Ching conference (38)
2020-06 Monitoring Multivariate Location Using A VD EWMA Control Chart 楊素芬Yang, SF、Lin, YC conference (39)
2020-06 What does Žítkovské bohyně tell us? – From a Taiwanese perspective 林蒔慧、Lin, Melissa Shih-hui conference
2020-05 台灣核電廠除役政策民意之探究 傅凱若、Fu, Kai-Jo、董祥開、黃東益 conference (37)
2020-05 地方創生的先行者?池上秋收稻穗藝術節跨部門協力網絡之研究 傅凱若、Fu, Kai-Jo、林彥竹 conference (34)