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2020-05 Combating fake news in Indonesia: Exploring the practices of third-party fact-checker 林翠絹、Lin, T. T. C.、Kwanda, F. conference (99)
2020-05 Exploring partisan slant of online news framing: A Semantic Network Analysis on an energy referendum issue in Taiwan 林翠絹、Lin, T. T. C.、Kao, C. conference (87)
2020-05 Investigating the practices of fact-checking of fake news in Indonesia 林翠絹、Lin, T. T. C.、Kwanda, F. conference (78)
2020-05 Nomopobia and phubbing among Taiwanese emerging adults: Investigating affective smartphone use and family cohesion 林翠絹、Lin, T. T. C. conference
2020-04 Socialbots in Taiwanese elections: Platform transience and government 林翠絹、Lin, T. T. C.、Wang, J. Y. conference (37)
2020-03 通訊軟體LINE貼圖使用率與使用者對話脈絡的關係 鄭霈絨、Cheng, Pei-Jung、張采蘋、Chang, Tsai-Ping、陳沄顥、Chen, Yun-Hao article (13)
2020-01 The influence of organizational issues on nurse administrators’ support of smartphones for work purposes in the Philippines: A focus group study. 林翠絹、Lin, Trisha T. C.、Bautista, John Robert、Theng, Yin-Leng article (19)
2020-01 《人民日報》霧霾新聞框架建構  (2011-2017) 徐美苓、Hsu, Mei-Ling、李子甜、Li, Zitian article (18)
2020-01 在專家、媒體與公眾之間:作為科技風險溝通途徑的新興科技媒體中心 徐美苓、Hsu, Mei-Ling、高佩懃、Kao, Pei-Chin、陳璽尹、Chen, Sinead Hsi-Yi、劉華美、Liou, Hwa Meei、周桂田、Chou, Kuei Tien article (26)
2020 自媒體旅遊展演與設計 黃秀卿、Huang, Hsiu-Ching thesis (0)