Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2009 Exploring the Application of Survey Response Willingness Theories Lin, Y.Y.、Chen, M.Y. article
2009 Entry Timing and Performance Under Uncertainty: Taiwanese Firms Investing in China 鄒筱涵、于卓民林月雲 article (1212)
2009 條件獨立假設下合成型擔保債權憑證之評價與避險 江彌修、岳夢蘭、林恩平、Chiang, Mi-Hsiu、Yueh, Meng-Lan、Lin, An-Ping article (3291)
2009 Valuation of Quanto Interest Rate Exchange Options 傅瑞彬、陳松男、吳庭斌 article (2579)
2009 選擇權市場效率性檢定: 隱含波動度成對交易檢定法 郭維裕、陳鴻隆、陳威光Kuo, Wei-Yu、Chen, Hung-Lung、Chen, Wei-Kuang article (952)
2009 Buyer Satisfaction and Loyalty Intention in an Online Auction: Online Auction Website Versus Online Auction Seller Chiou, Jyh-ShenWu, Lei-Yu、Sung, Yi-Ping、邱志聖巫立宇 article (1254)
2009 Informed Trading under Different Market Conditions and Moneyness: Evidence from TXO Options, 張元晨Chang, YuanchenChan, Kam C.、Lung, Peter P. article (788)
2009 Enabling organizational learning to contribute toward a learning organization Shen, Pei-Di、Lee, Tsang-Hsiung、Tsai, Chia-Wen、Chen,Yi-Fen、沈佩蒂、李昌雄、蔡佳紋、陳宜棻 article (585)
2009 The different key processes in the implementation of knowledge management among IC designers, distributors and manufacturers Pei-Di Shen,、Tsang-Hsiung Lee,、Tsai, Chia-Wen、Chen, Yi-Fen、李昌雄、沈佩蒂、蔡家文、陳宜棻 article (870)
2009 How Changes in Compensation Plans Affect Employee Performance, Recruitment, and Retention—An Empirical Study of A Car Dealership Chow.C.、K. Haddad、G. Singh、吳安妮Ho, Joanna L.Y.Wu, Anne、Lee, Ling-Chu article (1067)