Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2010 Influences of Inter-organisational Relationships in Technology Diffusion: The Network Perspective Lin, Hsin-Mei、Huang, Heng-Chiang、Tseng, Sheng-Ya、曾聖雅 article (532)
2010 Chinese spouses' empowerment through community communication: a case study of the Chinese Association of Relief and Ensuing Service Momesso,Lara、Sun, Mine-Ping article (703)
2010 聆聽「失語」的被害人---熟識者強暴司法審判中的性、權力、暴力與法律 王曉丹 article (3510)
2010 Compatibility of finite discrete conditional distributions Song, Chwan Chin、宋傳欽、Jiang, Tom J.、姜志銘、Li L.-A.、Chen C.-H.、Kuo K.-L. article (399)
2010 Environmental Uncertainty, Comprehensive Performance Measurement Systems, Performance-Based Compensation, and Organizational Performance 吳安妮 article (781)
2010 現代民法典的體系定位與建構規則─為中國大陸的民法典工程進一言 蘇永欽 article (1119)
2010 On the Elasticity Puzzle: Would the Agent-Based Modeling Help Shu G WangChen, Shu-Heng陳樹衡 article (294)
2010 Corporate Governance and Equity Evaluation: Nonlinear Modeling via Neural Networks 陳樹衡、H.-S Kao、J.-Z Lee、Chen,Shu-Heng、Kao,Hui-Sung、Lee,Jan-Zan article (874)
2010 The Living Arrangement May Differentially Influence IDU Parents? Motivation to Reduce HIV risk as a Function of Gender Copenhaver, M.*、Lee, I. C.(李怡青)、Merz-Beyus, A.、Faghri, P., article (1526)
2010 Going beyond a dualistic view of culture and economic power: the case of reality television in Greater China Wang, Georgette汪琪 article (986)