Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
1998 The Determinants of Bid-Ask Spreads in the Taiwan Security Exchange 吳欽杉、劉玉珍 conference
1998 Institutional Trades and Price Impacts on the Taiwan Stock Exchange K. C. John Wei、Y. J. Liu、Huan-Di Yi、Le-Ming Su conference
1997 The creation of treasury bond futures in a market asbent of futures contract-on the financial engineering of Taiwan's OTC treasury bond margin contract 周行一、Pu Liu conference
1997 A Risk-and return analysis of Asian emerging Markets in global asset pricing models 周行一、Pin-Huang Chou、Gang Shyy conference
1997 從台灣股票市場之實證經驗看家族企業型態對經濟發展之貢獻—兼論與大陸經濟發展之關聯 周行一 conference
1996 Trading Behavior and Asset Returns:Evidence from the Interday Serial Correlations of Intraday-to-Intraday Daily Returns of U.S and Taiwan 周行一、Ping Hsiao、Yu-jane Liu conference
1995 The Economic Exposure of U.S. Multinational Firms 周行一、Wayne Lee、Michael Solt conference
1995 期貨交易所公開喊價系統及電子交易系統之比較:以LIFFE,MATIF 及DTB為例 周行一、史綱、李志宏 conference
1995 家族企業,聯署集團與公司價值之研究 周行一、陳錦村、陳坤宏 conference
1995 A Tale of Two Exchanges:Trading Mechanisms,Market Volatility,and Price Transmission of French Stocks Traded on the Paris Bourse and London Stock Exchange 周行一、Brian Scott-Quinn、Gang Shyy conference