Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2000-01 中國大陸的環保投資政策:經驗與理論 陳墇津、Chen, Chang-Chin article (981)
2000-01 十年來兩岸科技交流 蕭真美、Hsiao, Chen-Mei article (842)
2000-01 Is China a Threat? A Defense Industry Analysis 丁樹範Ding, Arthur S. article (489)
2000-01 改革開放後大陸之扶貧政策 方山、Shan Fang article (1228)
2000-01 陳獨秀的政治思想中國共運之回顧 張登及、Chang, Teng-Chi article (648)
2000-01 -Introduction-The PRC at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century: Why the “China Threat” Debate? Marble, Andrew D. article (168)
2000-01 China, WMD Proliferation, and the“China Threat” Debate Medeiros, Evan S. article (138)
2000-01 Chinese Nationalism and Beijing's Taiwan Policy: A China Threat? Zhao, Sui-Sheng article (177)
2000-01 The PLA and Kosovo: A Strategy Debate Dreyer, June Teufel article (136)
2000-01 The Confucian Culture Threat: Perceptions and Misperceptions Bi, Jian-Xiang article (145)