Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2010 Planning and Deployment of OpenFlow Networks over Internet Tsai, Pang-Wei、Cheng, Pei-Wen、Chen, Mou-Sen、Luo, Mon-Yen、Liu, Te-Lung、Yang, Chu-Sing conference (264)
2010 校園網路建置社區型ISP之應用 陳世賢 conference (418)
2010 網路電話服務建置與推廣:以交通大學經驗為例 蘇俊憲、陳昌盛 conference (197)
2010 2010台灣學術網路IPv6建置概況 賴守全、黃敬哲、莊育秀 conference (243)
2010 以服務導向設計之教育學術資安資訊分享與分析中心 曾龍、劉育佐、陳麒元、趙涵捷 conference (524)
2010 手姿辨識於評量系統之研究與應用 林守仁、陳瑞樂、蔡瑜珍、張邴淳、楊竹星 conference (506)
2018-01 Exploratory Research of KFL/KSL Teacher's Vocational Ethics -- From professional Ethics Perspectives 尹璟源、Yoon, Kyeongwon conference (382)
2018-01 The Education of Concessive Conective Endings of Chinese Korean Leaners 王清棟、Wang, Ching-Tung conference (337)
2018-01 A Study on the Usage of Polysemous Modal Expressions 申瑞仁、Shin, Seoin conference (670)
2018-01 The Study on the Learning Errors of the Chinese Learners While Learning Sino-Korean Words 李京保、Lee, Kyong-Bo conference (396)