Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2021-01 Long-term presentation of post-concussion symptoms and associated factors: Analysis of latent class modeling 楊啟正、Yang, C.C.、Hsu, H.H.、Lai, W.H.、Yu, H.T.、Xiao, S.H.、Tsai, Y.H.、Wang, K.C.、Huang, S.J. article (8)
2021 從注意力變動觀點探討 社交焦慮大學生的注意力偏誤機制 —以點偵測作業為例 張玉辰、Chang, Yu-Chen thesis (0)
2021 利用ERP探討社交焦慮者解釋性偏誤的認知歷程 黃孟涵、Huang, Meng-Han thesis (0)
2021 基於區塊鏈之可調適的去中心化時間銀行系統 杜若宇、Duh, Jo-Yu thesis (0)
2021 使用Chrome Extension與區塊鏈防範假消息 程麒展、Cheng, Chi-Chan thesis
2020-12 Workplace Gossip and Employee Cynicism: The Moderating Role of Dispositional Envy 郭建志、Kuo, Chien-Chih、張守中、Chang, Kirk、郭庭魁、Kuo, Ting-Kuei、程晟、Cheng, Sheng article (7)
2020-09 Design Patterns for Blockchain-assisted Accountable Data Dissemination between IoT Devices and Edge Server 廖峻鋒Liao, Chun-Feng、Lin, Chun-An、Chen, Kung conference (19)
2020-08 Nonlinear engagement of action observation network underlying action anticipation in players with different levels of expertise 顏乃欣、Yen, Nai‐Shing、Chen , Yin‐Hua、Chang , Chih‐Yen、Huang, Shih‐Kuei article (4)
2020-07 Solution-processable anionic doped conjugated polymer for nonvolatile organic transistor memory with synaptic behaviors 張葶葶、Chang, Ting-Ting、Yu, Ting-Feng、Chen, Hao-Yang、Liao, Ming-Yun、Tien, Hsin-Chiao、Chueh, Chu-Chen、Lee, Wen-Ya article (7)
2020-07 地籍區塊鏈平台上的土地變遷歷史追蹤機制 廖峻鋒Liao, Chun-Feng、袁銓嶽、林士淵 conference (24)