Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2004-01 Do Individual Day Traders Make Money? Evidence from Taiwan Barber Brad、Yi-Tsung Lee、劉玉珍、Terrance Odean conference
2004-01 Do Foregin Investors make money from Opening Ending Mutual Funds Chen Li-Wen、Ji-Chai Lin、Yu-Jane Liu conference
2005-01 Who Demand on the Brokerage House Recommendations? Lee Yi-Tsung、Yu-Jane Liu、Vivian W. Tai conference
2006-01 Who Loses from Trade? Evidence from Taiwan Barber Brad、Yi-Tsung Lee、Yu-Jane Liu、Terrance Odean conference
2005-05 Why Have Auctions Been Losing Market Shares to Bookbuilding in IPO Markets? Lin Ji-Chai、Yi-Tsung Lee、劉玉珍 conference
2003-11 Why are IPO Auctions Not Popular? Lin Ji-Chai、Yi-Tsung Lee、劉玉珍 conference
2006-06 兩檔限制與揭露最佳五檔委託買賣價量對市場流動性之影響-以台灣交易所為例 李志宏、李翎竹 conference
2001 Liquidity Providers on an Electronic Order Driven Market 周行一、Yuan-Lin Hsu、Evan Tsao conference
2000 Impacts of the Asia Financial Crisis on TAiwan's Small and Medium Enterprises 周行一、Hung-Ling Chen、Ing-Feng Lin conference
2000 Private Information Pricing Errors and Trading Volume around the Price Limits Hits:Evidence from the Taiwan Stock Exchange 周行一、Yi-Tsung Lee conference