Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2019 即時雙線服務系統之等候模型 黃賴均、Huang, Lai-Chun thesis (0)
2019 含外生多變數之時間數列門檻模式模型分析與預測 王治鈞、Wang, Jhih Jyun thesis (0)
2019 碩士班-應數所 108年 應用數學系 exam (13)
2019 轉學考-應數系 108年 應用數學系 exam (0)
2018-09 Asymptotic behavior for a long-range Domany–Kinzel model Chang, Shu-Chiuan、陳隆奇、Chen, Lung-Chi article (356)
2018-09 Global synchronization in nonlinearly coupled delayed memristor-based neural networks with excitatory and inhibitory connections 曾睿彬、Tseng, Jui-Pin article (190)
2018-07 On the roots of certain Dickson polynomials Blokhuis, Aart、Cao, Xiwang、Chou, Wun-Seng、Hou, Xiang-Dong、Tsai, Yun-Ching article (266)
2018-05 An Application of HodgeRank to Online Peer Assessment 林澤佑 conference (277)
2018-05 Applications of the dynamic system and differential equations to Taiwan mortality 曾正男、Tzeng, Jengnan、Lin, Tsung-Jui Chiang、Lee, Yong Shiuan Diana、Li, Meng-Rong article (36)
2018-05 Measure of the full Hausdorff dimension for sofic affine-invariant sets on T^2 班榮超、Ban, Jung-Chao、Chang, Chih-Hung、Chen, Ting-Ju article (49)