Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2018-11 On Tag Questions in Chinese: From the Perspective of Confirmation versus Information Questions 何萬順Her, One-Soon、Chen, Yupin conference
2018 Influences of learner’s L2 English on their conceptualization of time in L1 Mandarin 黃瓊之Huang, Chiung-chih、葉侃彧 conference
2017 Taiwan Mandarin Tone Sandhi Variation of the Intonational Phrasing in Fast Speech 陳怡臻、Chen, Yi Jen conference
2018-01 文本—文化場域—歷史:從文化符號學角度分析《怒吼吧,中國!》 鄢定嘉Yen, Ting-chia conference (49)
2017-11 Critical rereading the work "Soviet Russia in China'' by Chiang Kai – Shek// 賴盈銓Lai, Ying-Chuan conference (54)
2018 Об автопортрете А.И. Солженицына и образе Тайваня в мемуарах «Угодило зернышко промеж двух жерновов: Очерк изгнания» и речи «Свободному Китаю» 賴盈銓Lai, Ying-Chuan conference
2017-07 文學地位與俄羅斯中小學裡的文學課程 莉托斯卡 conference
2012-04 A sociological perspective on student experiences of cross-border learning 陳彩虹、Chen, R. conference (101)
2010-06 A vacuum of legitimacy: Students' experiences of constructivist pedagogy online 陳彩虹、Chen, R.、Maton, Karl、Bennett, Sue conference
2017-11 Designing and implementing 'Introduction to Cross-Cultural Communication' 陳彩虹、Chen, R. conference (110)