Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2012-12 政黨在立法院的合作與對立:1996-2011的觀察 盛杏湲 conference
2011-04 The eye movement patterns in viewing Chinese affective pictures Lee, C. N.、Yang, T. H、Chang, Y. Y.、Tseng, P. C.、Yen, N. S.顏乃欣 conference
2011-01 Affective Picture Processing and Emotion Regulation: Brain Potentials and Eye Movement Patterns 顏乃欣Yen, N. S. conference
2010-06 Social Dilemma studies 陳皎眉、孫旻暐、邱蜀娟、Chen,Jeaw-Mei conference (615)
2012-09 The Anticipated Risk Factor in Error Monitoring System: A FRN Study Chang, Y. F.、顏乃欣Yen, N. S. conference
2012-06 The roles of working memory and approximate numerosity system on junior high school math achievements 顏乃欣Yen, N. S.Han, C. C.、Yen, M. H.、Didino, D.、Butterworth, B. conference
2011-08 Combining Information load with the physical complexity of stimuli and the strength of emotion Han, C. C.Yen, N. S.顏乃欣 conference
2012-04 The Emotional Picture Processing of Optimistic and Pessimistic Persons:An ERP study 顏乃欣Yen, N. S.、Yang, T. H.、Chueh, C. H.、He, H. F.、Chen, C.、Liao, S. A. conference
2011-09 The risk factor and emotion-decision mechanism in somatic marker hypothesis 顏乃欣Chung, H. K.Yen, N. S.、Kao, C. H.、Liu, Y. C. conference
2010-08 Proposers with different nations elicit different ERP components in the Ultimatum Game 顏乃欣Yen, N. S.、Chen, P. L、Chang, Y. F、Lin, J. Y. conference