Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2016-06 Behavioral intervention for sleep disorders 楊建銘Yang, C.-M.Spielman, A. J. book/chapter (325)
2016-06 點亮偏鄉希望 – 偏鄉教育的關懷與共創 劉吉軒、吳璧純、張寶芳 book/chapter (488)
2016-06 鹿樂 – 偏鄉不遠 劉吉軒、陳奕竹、李亦鵬 book/chapter (480)
2016-05 Composite Big Data Modeling for Security Analytics 胡毓忠、Hu, Yuh-Jong、Wu, Win-Nan、Liu, Wen-Yu book/chapter (489)
2016 Mobilizing Digital Museums 張宏慶、蔡子傑、Lien, Yao-Nan、Tsai, Tzu-Chieh、Kuo, Pei-Jeng、Hu, Chih-Lin book/chapter (330)
2016 Novel scheme for the distribution of flyers using a real movement model for DTNs 蔡子傑、Tsai, Tzu Chieh、Chan, Ho Hsiang book/chapter (238)
2016 Interactive performance using wearable devices: Technology and innovative applications 蔡子傑、Tsai, Tzu Chieh、Su, Gon Jong、Cheng, Chung Yu book/chapter (206)
2015-12 在地文化「藝」起來─「數位文創設計」之科技跨域創新 陳聖智 book/chapter (218)
2015-08 A general SEM framework for integrating moderation and mediation: The constrained approach 陳淑萍、Chen, Shu-Ping book/chapter (210)
2015-08 組織流言 郭建志、Kuo, C. C. book