Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2017-07 Context and semantic composition of multiple dimension representations in real-time comprehension 賴瑶鍈、Lai, Yao-Ying、Braze, David、Piñango, Maria Mercedes conference (21)
2016-02 The structured individual hypothesis for processing aspectual verbs 賴瑶鍈、Lai, Yao-Ying、Lacadie, Cheryl、Constable, Todd、Deo, Ashwini、Piñango, Maria Mercedes conference (18)
2018-01 Unsexed Woman and Order Disruption: Euripides’ Medea in Greek Mythology 姜翠芬Jiang, Tsui-fen conference (21)
2018-12 Are They Arguing or Not? 鍾曉芳Chung, Siaw-Fong、Hsiao, Min-Chun conference (16)
2018-06 “The Imperfect Is Our Paradise”; Imagination and Change in Wallace Stevens 林婉瑜 conference (18)
2014-05 An End of a Journey: Nostalgia and Self-Consciousness as Recognition of Transformation 林婉瑜 conference (27)
2018-10 人心的雕塑術﹕教師 ; 教學助理 ; 與教師社群 林質心Lin, Chih-hsin conference (17)
2013-01 Causing Emotion in Collocation:An Exploratory Data Analysis 張瑜芸、Chang, Yu-Yun、Lu, Pei-Yu、Hsieh, Shu-Kai conference (22)
2014-01 Leveraging morpho-semantics for the discovery of relations in Chinese wordnet 張瑜芸、Chang, Yu-Yun、Hsieh, Shu-Kai conference (9)
2018-10 第十個繆思:專業與初衷 林質心Lin, Chih-hsin conference (7)