Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
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2003 Information Arrivals and Intraday Exchange Rate Volatility 張元晨、Stephen J. Taylor article (1740)
2007-04 The Innovations of E-mini Contracts and Futures Price Volatility Components? The Empirical Investigation of S&P 500 Stock Index Futures Tu, Anthony H.、Ming-Chun Wang、杜化宇 article (328)
2006-12 The Accuracy of Reports of Foreign Exchange Intervention by the Bank of Japan: Does Tokyo Know More? 張元晨Chang,Yuan-Chen article (1966)
2002-12 The Pricing of Foreign Exchange Risk Around the Asian Financial Crisis: Evidence from Taiwan's Stock Market 張元晨 article (1574)
2000-10 The Study of Cointegration and Variance Decomposition among National Equity Indices before and during the period of the Asian Financial Crisis Tu, Anthony H.、Hsiao-Ching Sheng、杜化宇 article (469)
2005-12 Futures Trading Volume and Bank of Japan Intervention 張元晨 article (1088)
2003-02 Foreign ownership in the Taiwan stock market--an empirical analysis 林基煌 article (2810)
2004 The Intraday Stock Return Characteristics Surrounding Price Limit Hits 李志宏、周冠男、Lee, Jie-Haun、Chou, Robin K. article (1094)