Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2018 有限離散條件機率分布不相容測度之探討 涂沁如、Tu, Chin-Ju thesis (0)
2018 正則圖的反魔方標法 郭南辰、Kuo, Nan-Chen thesis
2018 以類神經網路建構風險值模型 許力夫、Hsu, Li-Fu thesis (0)
2018 碩士班-應數所 107年 應用數學系 exam (7)
2018 轉學考-應數系 107年 應用數學系 exam (0)
2017-12 Invariant Generative Adversarial Network on Chinese Characters 林澤佑 conference
2017-11 Linear Regression to Minimize the Total Error of the Numerical Differentiation 曾正男、Tzeng, Jengnan article (216)
2017-11 深度學習實作上的各種卡關 蔡炎龍 conference (233)
2017-11 Mixing properties of tree-shifts 班榮超、Ban, Jung-Chao、Chang, Chih-Hung article (22)
2017-06 Optimal Sample Size Determination for Medium or Large Clinical Study 姜志銘Jiang, Thomas Jyh-Ming article (281)