Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2015-07 An investigation of leadership styles during adoption of E-government for an innovative city: Perspectives of taiwanese public servants 謝佩璇、Hsieh, P. H.、Chen, Wen-Sung、Lo, Chi-Jui 專書篇章 (50)
2015-06 想像X實踐—大稻埕的數位與人文 陳聖智 book/chapter (185)
2015-03 Pathfinders in International psychology 孫蒨如、Sun, Chien-Ru book/chapter (278)
2015-03 Fake Stuff: China and the Rise of Counterfeit Goods 林怡潔、Lin, Yi-Chieh book/chapter (1318)
2015-01 Correlation Evaluation with Fuzzy Data and its Application in the Management Science 吳柏林Wu, Berlin、Sha, Wei-Shun、Chen, Juei-Chao book/chapter (939)
2015 時間與時間觀 林姿葶、鄭伯壎 book/chapter (412)
2015 家長式領導三元模式:二十年回顧 林姿葶、鄭伯壎、周麗芳 book/chapter (451)
2015 領導與時間 林姿葶、鄭伯壎 book/chapter (409)
2014.01 Eye movement guidance in reading unspaced text in Thai and Chinese Tsai, J.-L.蔡介立 book/chapter (1256)
2014-11 Tracking Mean Field Dynamics by Synchronous Computations of Recurrent Multilayer Perceptrons 班榮超、Ban, Jung-Chao、Wu, Jiann-Ming、Wu, Chun-Chang book