Date Title▼ Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
1972-12 Changing Dimensions in International Humanitarian Action Morais, Herbert Victor article (175)
1970-09 CCP Wartime Secret Service and Underground Struggle (Part 2) Kuo, Warren article (239)
1977-11 Causes of Racial and Socioeconomic Differences in Cognitive Tests 林邦傑 article
1978 C.I.F.買賣契約之研究 陳猷龍 thesis (919)
1976-02 C.I.F.交易條件之慣例-賣方之義務 梁滿潮 article (288)
1975-10 C.I.F.交易條件之慣例 梁滿潮 article (298)
1977 Box-Jenkins模式在預測上的研究 任如意 thesis (318)
1972-12 Blending International Law with National Law Dolzer, Rudolf article (162)
1978-12 Bayesian Analysis of Simultaneous Equation Models 魏應澤、Way, Ing-tzer article (545)
1975-12 Bayesian Analysis of Linear Regression Model With Errors in the Variables 魏應澤、Wey, Ing-tzer article (536)