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2014-04 漢文文獻之外來語音譯詞擷取方法 王昱鈞、呂翊瑄、蔡宗翰、劉青峰、金觀濤、劉昭麟 book/chapter (585)
2014 在虛實之間學習:以政大書院為核心的高教實驗 余政和、陸行 book/chapter (245)
2014 Insomnia Yang, C.-M.Spielman, A.J.楊建銘 book/chapter (584)
2014 Applying Fuzzy AHP to Understand the Factors of Cloud Storage Adoption 楊亨利Yang, Heng-Li book/chapter (895)
2014 A Hybrid Multi-Criteria Decision Support Model: Combining DANP with MDS 楊亨利Yang, Heng-Li book/chapter (863)
2014 A Three-Stage Decision Model Integrating FAHP, MDS and Association Rules for Targeting Smartphone Customers 楊亨利Lin, Shiang-LinYang, Heng-Li book/chapter (898)
2014 Software engineering education: From dysfunction to core competency Lee, J.、Hsueh, N.-L.、Ma, S.-P.、Liu, A.、Cheng, Y.C.、Kuo, Yauhwang、郭耀煌 book/chapter (307)
2013.12 通訊網路導論 連耀南 book/chapter (800)
2013.09 Effects of surface charge and particle size of cell-penetrating peptide/nanoparticle complexes on cellular internalization. Liu, Betty Revon、Chan, Ming-Huan、Chen, Hwei-Hsien、Lo, Shih-Yen、Huang, Yue-Wern、Lee, Han-Jung、詹銘煥 book/chapter (1033)
2013.03 科技蜃樓 黃心健 article (866)