Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2017 Свое и чужое тело в творчестве Л. Андреева 江杰翰、Чиан, Чиан Ч. conference
2019 普利格夫作品中的東方形象 江杰翰、Чиан, Чиан Ч. conference (11)
2018-02 User Mining to Find Important Facebook Users 邱淑怡、Chiu, Shu-i、Hsu, Kuo-Wei conference (13)
2017-12 A Lie on Sharing Economy: Solutions for Uber Drivers’ Dilemma When Self-Driving Cars Arrive 周致遠、Chou, Chih-Yuan conference (5)
2017-08 An Exploratory Study on the Distribution for the Results of IT-Enabled Value Co-Creation 周致遠、Chou, Chih-Yuan、Naimi, Linda conference (9)
2018-12 Crowdsourcing for New Media Online 周致遠、Chou, Chih-Yuan conference (8)
2017-12 Reviewer as A Blogger: Complimentary or Exclusive between the Performance of Blogs and User-generated Travel Portal Sites 周致遠、Chou, Chih-Yuan conference (7)
2018-08 The Exploration of E-personality in IT-enabled Value Co-creation 周致遠、Chou, Chih-Yuan conference (17)
2018-06 基於DSR之生物特徵識別系統架構及設計原則–以國境BVS系統為例 林逸塵 conference (16)
2018-12 真與假、公與私:論審議民主與治理 劉嘉薇、Liu, Jia-Wei、彭芸 conference (9)