Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2010 現代教育與心理統計學 吳柏林 book/chapter (453)
2010 Kolmogorov-Smirnov Two Sample Test with Continuous Fuzzy Data 吳柏林、Lin, Pei-Chun、Wu, Berlin、Watada, Junzo book/chapter (204)
2010 Comptability of finite discrete conditional distributions. Song, Chwan-Chin、Li, Lung-An、Chen, Chong-Hong、Jiang, Thomas J.、Kuo, Kun-Lin、宋傳欽、Song, Chwan-Chin、姜志銘Jiang, Thomas J. article (134)
2010 Inductive proofs on the determinants of generalized Vandermonde matrices. Chen, Young-Ming、Li, Hsuan-Chu article (127)
2010 A strong law of large numbers for random elements in Banach spaces 洪芷漪、Hong, Jyy-I、Tsay, Jhishen article (47)