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2020-05 那些反年改的聲音:理性的判斷、價值的差異、抑或背叛的感受? 董祥開、Dong, Hsiang-Kai Dennis、陳重安、陳敦源 conference (16)
2020-05 尋找公部門策略性人力資源管理的靈魂:一個基於人事人員工作分析的倡議論述 董祥開、Dong, Hsiang-Kai Dennis、陳敦源、陳芙萱、陳揚中、廖洲棚 conference (14)
2020-05 Re-escritura en negro: Engaños, pesquisa detectivesca y parodia en Los misterios de Madrid 楊瓊瑩Yang, Chung-ying conference (7)
2020-05 Combating fake news in Indonesia: Exploring the practices of third-party fact-checker 林翠絹、Lin, T. T. C.、Kwanda, F. conference (44)
2020-05 Exploring partisan slant of online news framing: A Semantic Network Analysis on an energy referendum issue in Taiwan 林翠絹、Lin, T. T. C.、Kao, C. conference (50)
2020-05 Investigating the practices of fact-checking of fake news in Indonesia 林翠絹、Lin, T. T. C.、Kwanda, F. conference (21)
2020-05 Nomopobia and phubbing among Taiwanese emerging adults: Investigating affective smartphone use and family cohesion 林翠絹、Lin, T. T. C. conference
2020-04 在無詩的年代聽見詩-讀正軒《無詩之詩》 張堂錡Chang, Tang-Chi 期刊論文 (43)
2020-04 美國臺海政策的矛與盾:川普前半任期的回顧(2017-2018) 黃奎博、Huang, Kwei-Bo 期刊論文 (27)
2020-04 Direct (Dis)agreement Verbs - Agree/Disagree in Native Speaker and Learner Data 鍾曉芳Chung, Siaw-Fong article (28)