Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2004-04 Information Content of Investors' Bids in IPO auctions: Evidence from Taiwan 徐燕山、徐政義 article (1553)
2004-09 On the Demand Elasticity of IPO: An Analysis of Discriminatory Auctions 劉玉珍、K.C. John Wei、Gwohorng Liaw article
2005-04 Intertemporal Futures Pricing with Different Opinions about Price Changes 顏錫銘、Jai Jen Wang article (1747)
2005-03 Common Factors in Liquidity: Evidence from Taiwan's OTC Stock Market Lee Jie-Haun、Shu-Ying Lin、Wan-Chen Lee、Chueh-Yung Tsao article (516)
2006-04 Determining Institutional Investor's Dynamic Asset Allocation 郭志安、顏錫銘 article (2280)
2006-01 Taxes and Dividend Clientele: Evidence from Trading and Ownership Structure 劉玉珍、Lee, Yi-Tsung、Liu, Yu-Jane、Roll, Richard、Subrahmanyam, Avanidhar article (467)
2007-05 IPO Auctions and Private nformation 劉玉珍、Lin, Ji-Chai、Lee, Yi-Tsung、Liu, Yu-Jane article (984)
2002-01 Explaining Intraday Pattern of Trading Volume from the Order Flow Data 李翎竹、劉玉珍 article (491)
2006-06 相關係數可隨時間變動下的外匯期貨避險比例:簡易方法應用與其績效 杜化宇、鍾柏亭 article (1120)
2004-01 Order Imbalance and Market Efficiency: Evidence from the Taiwan Stock Exchange Yi-Tsung Lee、劉玉珍、Richard Roll、Avanidhar Subrahmanyam article