Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2008.11 Spanning Forests on the Sierpinski Gasket 張書銓、Chang, Shu-Chiuan、陳隆奇、Lung-Chi Chen article (632)
2008.09 A Fair QoS Scheme for Bandwidth Allocation by Precomputation-based Approach 王嘉宏、Wang,Chia-hung、陸行Luh,Hsing article (913)
2008.09 Critical behavior and the limit distribution for long-range oriented percolation 陳隆奇、Chen, Lung-Chi、Akira Sakai article (872)
2008.06 Blow-up solutions to the nonlinear second order differential equation u 李明融、Li,Meng-Rong article (458)
2008.05 Dimer Coverings on the Sierpinski Gasket 張書銓、Chang, Shu-Chiuan、Lung-Chi Chen、陳隆奇 article (854)
2008.04 Multidimensional scaling for large genomic data sets 曾正男、Tzeng,Jengnan、盧鴻興、Lu,Henry Horng-Shing、李文雄、Li,Wen-Hsiung article (982)
2008.03 Dimer-Monomer Model on the Sierpinski Gasket 張書銓、Changa, Shu-Chiuan、陳隆奇、Lung-Chi Chen article (744)
2008-11 Evaluating forecasting performance for interval data Hsu, Hui-Li、徐惠莉、Wu, Berlin吳柏林 article (563)
2008-11 Existence of positive solutions for second order functional differential equations Wong, F.H.、陳天進Wang, S.P.Chen, T.G. article (473)
2008-11 On the dense entropy of two-dimensional inhomogeneous cellular neural networks 班榮超、Ban, Jung-Chao、Chang, Chih-Hung article (19)