Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2017-02 More constructions of near optimal codebooks associated with binary sequences Chou, Wun-Seng、周文賢、Zhang, Xiyong、Cao, Xiwang article (502)
2017-01 Modeling chronic HBV infections with survival probability metrics 陳政輝、Chen, Jeng-Huei、陸行Luh, Hsing Paul、簡榮南、Chien, Rong-Nan、Chen, Shin-Yu article (328)
2017 具時間延遲之霍普菲爾神經網路的多重穩定性 陳冠瑋、Chen, Guan-Wei thesis (0)
2017 An analysis of functional curability on HIV infection models with Michaelis-Menten-type immune response and its generalization 陳政輝、Chen, Jeng-Huei article (339)
2017 Asymptotic behavior for a generalized Domany Kinzel mode 張書銓、Chang, Shu-Chiuan、陳隆奇、Chen, Lung-Chi、黃建豪、Huang, Chien-Hao article (363)
2017 模糊數據的局部加權回歸 陳帥 thesis (246)
2017 二階非線性微分方程解的行為 陳盈潤 thesis (247)
2017 A revisit of the distribution of linear combinations of Dirichlet components 姜志銘Jiang, Thomas J.、Kuo, Kun-Lin article (564)
2017 Some Forbidden Subgraphs of Trees Being Opposition Graphs 張宜武、Chang, Yi-Wu、Pan, Cheng-Wei、Lin, In-Jen article (205)
2017 The Existence of (s, t)-Monochromatic-rectangles in a 2-colored Checkerboard 張宜武、Chang, Yi-Wu、Zhu, Jun-Yan、Lin, Zi-Xuan article (399)