Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2018-03 Number of Meanings and Number of Senses: An ERP Study of Sublexical Ambiguities in Reading Chinese Disyllabic Compounds Huang, Hsu-Wen、李佳穎、Lee, Chia-Ying article (195)
2018-02 Regret about surgical decisions among early-stage breast cancer patients: Effects of the congruence between patients' preferred and actual decision-making roles Wang, AWT、Chang, SM、Chang, CS、Chen, ST、Chen, DR、Fan, F、Antoni, MH、Hsu, WY、Hsu, Wen‐Yau、許文耀 article (206)
2018-01 The Impact of the South China Sea Arbitral Tribunal’s Interpretation and Application of UNLCOS Article 121(3) 蕭琇安、HSIAO, ANNE H.A. article (304)
2018-01 Chinese Naval Shipbuilding: An Ambitious and Uncertain Course Ding, Arthur S.丁樹範 article (255)
2018-01 Exploring Citizen's Anti-partyism in Taiwan 鄭夙芬Cheng, Su-feng、Yu*, Ching-hsin、Tsai, Tsung-han conference
2018-01 Personality and Political Participation in Taiwan 陳陸輝*、Chen, Lu-huei、廖崇翰、蔡佳泓 conference
2018 Strong Circadian Rhythms in the Choroid Plexus: Implications for Sleep-Independent Brain Metabolite Clearance Myung, Jihwan、Wu, Dean、Simonneaux, Valérie、Lane, Timothy Joseph藍亭Lane, Timothy Joseph article (264)
2018 Distinct effects of resveratrol on seizures and hyperexcitability induced by NMDA and 4-aminopyridine Wang, Ya-Jean、Hsieh, Chung-Pin、Chan, Ming-Huan、Chan, Tzu-Yi、Chen, Linyi、Chen, Hwei-Hisen、詹銘煥、Chan, Ming-Huan article (431)
2018 Impaired Orthographic Processing in Chinese Dyslexic Children: Evidence From the Lexicality Effect on N400 Tzeng, Yu-Lin、Hsu, Chun-Hsien、Lin, Wan-Hsuan、Lee, Chia-Ying、李佳穎 article (312)
2018 臺灣認同與選民投票抉擇 鄭夙芬、王德育、林珮婷 book/chapter (312)