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2020 臺北市國民小學校長空間領導、學校組織文化與學校效能關係之研究 劉耘汝、Liu, Yun-Ju thesis (0)
2019-12 成年早期與中期樣貌-全心學習 ; 情緒創造 ; 品味能力及圓滿人生之模型建構和其差異比較 余民寧、Yu, Min-Ning、陳柏霖、Chen, Po-Lin、洪兆祥、Hung, Chao-Hsiang article (5)
2019-06 僑生與本地生的目標設定 ; 全心學習 ; 意志力及巔峰幸福之模型建構及其差異比較 余民寧、Yu, Min-Ning、陳柏霖、Chen, Po-Lin、洪兆祥、Hung, Chao-Hsiang article (7)
2020-06 Advancing Third Graders' Reading Comprehension through Collaborative Knowledge Building: A Comparative Study in Taiwan 洪煌堯Hong, Huang-Yao、Ma, Leanne、Lin, Pei-Yi、Lee, Karen Yuan-Hsuan article (7)
2020-03 「國中輔導教師輔導倫理困境量表」編製之研究 陳婉真Chen, Wan-Chen、余穎柔、吳柏瑩、江守峻、洪雅鳳、彭秀玲 article (5)
2020-01 與心理師跨專業合作在輔導教師角色壓力與工作滿意度的中介角色 陳婉真Chen, Wan-Chen江守峻、陳羽柔、洪逸珊、彭秀玲 article (6)
2016-03 Multilevel influences of transactive memory systems on individual behavior and team innovation 紀博善、Fan, Hsueh-Liang、Chang, Pao-Fang、Albanese, Dale、Wu, Jing-Jyi、Yu, Ming-Jen、Chang, Hao-Jun article (6)
2020-04 Student learning venture overseas in the transnational research partnership – a Taiwan and US PIRE case study 侯永琪、Hou, Angela Yung-chi、Chan, Sheng-Ju、Hu, Lily Lin and Zoe article (3)
2020-06 What is driving Taiwan government for policy change in higher education after the year of 2016-in search of egalitarianism or pursuit of academic excellence? 侯永琪、Hou, Angela Yung-chi article (5)
2018-07 A study of application of transaction cost and relational capital perspectives relationship between institutional governance and institutional performance: Comparison between Taiwan and Mainland China HEIs. 陳榮政、Chen, R.J.、Ho, S.H.、Weng, S.W. conference (2)