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2008-11 由史料中探勘社會網絡:以乾隆時期為例 conference (1864)
2006-08 基植於音樂風格的電腦音樂自動伴奏 conference (1546)
2002 個人化的美術影像風格查詢系統 conference (1036)
2011-12 互動感知體驗設計之健康照護提醒裝置 conference
2013-12 X2-Search: Contextual expert search in social networks conference (874)
2013-12 VizStory: Visualization of digital narrative for fairy tales conference (736)
2002 Virtual Mall of E-commerce Web Sites: User Behavior Analyses and Recommendations conference
2004 Rhythm Style Mining of Dance Music conference (618)
2012 Regional subgraph discovery in social networks conference (528)
2014-01 Recognizing live fish species by hierarchical partial classification based on the exponential benefit conference (231)
2013-09 Popularity Prediction of Social Multimedia Based on Concept Drift conference (418)
2002 PNP: Mining of Profile Navigational Patterns conference
2002 Personalized Categorization of E-News Systems conference
1998 Parsing and Browsing of Video Data for Video-On-Demand Services conference
2006 Online Mining of Recent Music Query Streams conference
2006 Online Mining of Frequent Query Trees over Data Streams conference (1592)
2004 On Mining Webclick Streams for Path Traversal Patterns conference (1506)
2002 Music Style Mining and Classification by Melody conference
2007 Mining temporal co-orientation pattern from spatio-temporal databases conference (455)
2006 Mining Spatial Co-orientation Patterns for Analyzing Portfolios of Spatial Cognitive Development conference
2000 Mining Non-Simple Traversal Paths from Web Access Logs conference
2004 Mining Frequent Closed Structures in Streaming Melody Sequences conference
2013 MediaEval 2013: Soundtrack selection for commercials based on content correlation modeling conference (156)
2004 Looking for New Not Known Music Only: Music Retrieval by Melody Style conference (533)
2011 Labeled influence maximization in social networks for target marketing conference (785)