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2004-12 選擇性接合資料庫中表現序列跳接的容錯樣式探勘 article
1998-09 視訊資料庫系統中內容擷取技術之探討 article
2012.01 Towards an Automatic Music Arrangement Framework Using Score Reduction article (1027)
2010 Team Formation for Generalized Tasks in Expertise Social Networks article (699)
2005-05 Some Optimal Parallel Algorithms on Interval and Circular-Arc Graphs article (1260)
1989 Similarity retrieval of iconic image database article (671)
2008-03 Relevance feedback for category search in music retrieval based on semantic concept learning article (1448)
1998-02 Placement of Partitioned Signature Files and Its Performance Analysis article (1174)
2003-08 Parallel Algorithms for Finding the Center of Interval and Circular-Arc Graphs article (1386)
2002 Parallel algorithms for connected domination problem on interval and circular-arc graphs. article (133)
2005-11 Online Mining Maximal Frequent Structures in Continuous Landmark Melody Streams article (1849)
2005-08 Online Mining Changes of Items over Continuous Append-only and Dynamic Data Streams article (1104)
2003-08 Music Style Mining and Classification by Melody article (2226)
1998-11 Multidimensional Filter: A New Indexing Method for Subpicture Query of Image Retrieval article (959)
2007 Mining Temporal Co-orientation Pattern from Spatio-temporal Databases article (576)
2009 Mining polyphonic repeating patterns from music data using bit-string based approaches article (527)
2012.04 Exploring Heterogeneous Information Networks and Random Walk with Restart for Academic Search article (970)
2016-04 Exploiting Concept Drift to Predict Popularity of Social Multimedia in Microblogs article (210)
2009-05 Emotion-based music recommendation by affinity discovery from film music article (639)
2007 Emotion-based impressionism slideshow with automatic music accompaniment article (409)
1998-11 Dynamic Allocation of Signature File on Parallel Devices article (1027)
2006-06 DSM-PLW: Single-pass mining of path traversal patterns over streaming web click-sequences article (1726)
2006 DSM-PLW: Single-pass mining of path traversal patterns over streaming Web click-sequences article (545)
2008-01 DSM-FI: An efficient algorithm for mining frequent itemsets in data streams article (2646)
2009 Discovering Color Styles from Fine Art Images of Impressionism article (478)