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2019-12 談中西範例性語言的主體性:從呂格爾(利科)的敘事研究來看 conference
2019-11 On Chinese Cultural Subjectivity Regarding Exemplary and Narrative Language: Based on Ricoeur’s Research of Narrative article (80)
2019-11 To understand Heidegger via Ricoeur conference (37)
2019-11 從技藝概念看現象學與儒學 展演
2019-06 Existential Phenomena as In-Between or Facticity: theoretical and practical research regarding the lifespan conference
2019-06 Techné, Life-world, and Art article (89)
2019-05 「鄂蘭與呂格爾論敘事」第三年度期中報告 report (80)
2019-05 敘事治療的理論探討 article
2019-04 現象學作為一種實踐哲學:胡塞爾、海德格、鄂蘭的倫理、政治與宗教哲學 book (67)
2019-01 The Universal Ethics and Religion in Practical Life: A Reflection on Husserl’s Manuscripts from 1930s conference
2019-01 Exemplary language in Western and Eastern: An investigation of Chinese narrative subjectivity in view of Ricoeur’s research of narrative conference (65)
2019-01 The Universal Ethics and Religion in Practical Life: Under Husserl's Consideration of the Borderline Problem (Grenzproblem) conference
2019-01 呂格爾敘事理論的實務應用 conference (25)
2018-11 Schematism of Narrative Function: And on a Relationship of Arendt to Ricoeur article (237)
2018-05 「鄂蘭與呂格爾論敘事」第二年度期中報告 report (48)
2018-04 介於「哲學的神學」與「神學的哲學」之間:以胡塞爾、海德格、鄂蘭與呂格爾為例 conference
2017-11 詮釋現象心理學的迂迴:從塵世到神聖的中介 book/chapter (303)
2017-11 「胡塞爾現象學」與「心理學」之間 conference
2017-06 Relation between Ricoeur and Arendt Regarding Narrative: A View Starting from Practical Significance article (491)
2017-05 技藝、生活世界與藝術 article (540)
2017-05 「鄂蘭與呂格爾論敘事」第一年度期中報告 report (63)
2017-02 從技藝與機運的對立關係來看公共領域中的政治自由—鄂蘭與海德格的比較 article (333)
2017-02 Heidegger on the Problem of the Embodiment of God article (337)
2016-10 重新審視牟宗三的道德判斷與歷史判斷 – 從現象學的觀點來看 article (196)
2016-09 The experiences of families living with the anticipatory loss of a school-age child with spinal muscular atrophy – the parents’ perspectives article (334)