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2020-12 Analysis of the Patent Cooperation Network in Global Artificial Intelligence Technologies Based on the Assignees. article (70)
2020-05 Navigating the Visibility of New Scholarship conference (120)
2019-10 Comprehensiveness and uniqueness of commercial databases and open access systems article (66)
2019-09 Construction of Knowledge Map by Co-Citation Analysis: A Case Study on Information Behavior conference
2019-07 圖書資訊學領域「作者群研究」主題之英文學術論文探析 article (226)
2018-11 A Scientometric Study of Heat Transfer Journal Literature from 1900 to 2017 article (185)
2018-07 從ALMA與WMS系統評析探討雲端圖書館服務平台之發展與趨勢 article (234)
2018-06 中國大陸圖書資訊學領域「作者群研究」之學術論文探析:以CNKI 收錄之中文學術論文為例 article (153)
2018-04 Bibliographic Data Accuracy and Overlap in Open Access System and Commercialized Database article (357)
2017-12 Completeness and overlap in open access systems: Search engines, aggregate institutional repositories and physics-related open sources article (289)
2017-07 大學以社教機構為基地之數位人文計畫:國家圖書館古籍數位人文平臺建置計畫 report
2017-03 Applications of Collaborative Annotation System in Digital Curation, Crowdsourcing, and Digital Humanities article (89)post-print version
2017 Bibliometric analysis of the journal literature on women’s studies article (304)
2017 Developing an Academic Hub with Data Synchronization, Altmetrics Display and Added Value Information for Promoting Scholarly Communication Performance conference (210)
2017 A Scientometric Study of Heat Transfer Journal Literature from 1900 to 2016 conference (146)
2017 Comprehensiveness and Overlap in Open Access Systems: Search Engines, Aggregate Institutional Repositories and Physics Open Sources conference (488)
2016-12 開放取用引文資料庫系統功能比較研究 article (176)
2016-10 商業引文數據庫與開放獲取引文系統的比較研究 article (725)
2016-10 數位人文趨勢與主題分析之研究 conference (316)
2016-07 大專校院圖書館 book/chapter (543)
2016-06 開放取用資源與商業系統之比較研究:以引文系統與機構典藏系統為例 conference (321)
2016-02 A comparison of citation distributions of journals and books on the topic “information society” article (796)
2015-09 電子書閱讀器借閱服務之使用研究:以交通大學圖書館為例 article (1055)
2015-07 Citation Type Analysis for Social Science Literature in Taiwan conference (558)
2014.07 《臺灣社會學刊》引用文獻分析研究 book/chapter (1190)