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2020-05 Navigating the Visibility of New Scholarship conference (120)
2019-09 Construction of Knowledge Map by Co-Citation Analysis: A Case Study on Information Behavior conference
2017 Developing an Academic Hub with Data Synchronization, Altmetrics Display and Added Value Information for Promoting Scholarly Communication Performance conference (210)
2017 A Scientometric Study of Heat Transfer Journal Literature from 1900 to 2016 conference (146)
2017 Comprehensiveness and Overlap in Open Access Systems: Search Engines, Aggregate Institutional Repositories and Physics Open Sources conference (488)
2016-10 數位人文趨勢與主題分析之研究 conference (316)
2016-06 開放取用資源與商業系統之比較研究:以引文系統與機構典藏系統為例 conference (321)
2015-07 Citation Type Analysis for Social Science Literature in Taiwan conference (558)
2013 A coverage overlap study on citation index: Commercial databases and open access systems conference (1127)
2011 Scientometric analysis of Nature 1999-2008 conference
2011 The subject structure of randomized controlled trials: an author co-citation analysis conference
2011 專題講座:開放取用與商業引文系統之比較研究 conference
2010-11 Scientometric analysis of Science 1999-2008 conference
2010-07 資訊科學的意義:近十年引用文獻分析研究 conference
2009-12 作者與期刊共被引分析:以半導體文獻為例 conference
2009-08 Characteristics and Findings of Hydrogen Energy Literature and Fuel Cell Patent, 1965-2008 conference
2009-07 The relationship between journal self-citation and other scientometric data for some subjects of the social sciences (Conference Paper) conference (1020)
2008-11 引用文獻索引系統之比較研究, conference
2008-08 Analysis of Transport Phenomenon Literature, 1900-2006: A Bibliometric Approach conference
2008-07 資訊科學引用與被引用文獻之主題研究:1985-2005 conference
2008-06 期刊文獻之學術評鑑計量探析 conference
2007-05 臺灣圖書館史的重要人物 conference
2007-01 An Analysis and Comparison of Citation Data between Journals of Physics, Chemistry and Engineering conference
2006-11 資訊計量學研究及其發展演變 conference
2005-01 Journal Self-Citation Study in Semiconductor: Synchronous and Diachronous Approach conference