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2010 A comparison of individual and team research performance: A study of patents in III conference (1345)
2009-05 五歲幼兒就學準備度評量表之發展 conference
2009-05 公私立幼兒園幼兒就學準備度之比較研究 conference
2009-05 教師專業發展評鑑、認證與分級之比較 conference
2009 幼稚園教師合班關係之研究 conference
2009 知識分享:意願、管道與行為之關係 conference
2008 The critical factors of team innovation - the Grey Relational Analysis conference (558)
2008 Models of customer involvement in new service development process conference
2008 創造力研究之回顧:管理學門(1996-2006) conference
2008 個人與團隊創新之比較研究-以資策會專利提案為例 conference
2008 團隊及團隊創新研究在台灣:1998~2007之回顧 conference
2008 幼稚園教師創造力素養之研究 conference
2008 Challenging work as a mediator of the relationship between time pressure and employee creativity in R&D organizations conference
2008 Using DEMATEL to explore the interaction effect of team innovation factors conference
2008 Critical factors of team innovation ranked by SAW, TOPSIS, and GRA conference
2007 創造力教學:教育科技的新議題 conference
2007 有效創造力訓練方案的關鍵要素和形式 conference
2007 結構特徵與組織創新—中介變項之探討 conference
2007 組織創新氛圍研究之回顧與前瞻 conference
2007 台灣大專院校創造力課程分類與課程設計品質之分析 conference
2007 reciprocal relationship between creative self-efficacy and creative outcomes: A longitudinal study conference
2007 A new framework for innovation-based projects: A case of the triangulation design, conference
2007 Organizational innovation climate and creative outcomes: Exploring the moderating effect of time pressure conference
2007 Exploring the feedback effects of creative efficacy on creative outcomes: A longitudinal study conference
2007 Creativity measurements: Are they worthy to be used? conference