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2017-06 Causality Effect of Returns, Continuous Volatility and Jumps: Evidence from the U.S. and European Index Futures Markets article (227)
2017 Product market competition, R&D investment choice, and real earnings management article (293)
2017 Analyzing Target Redemption Forward Contracts under Levy Process article (178)
2017 Influences of Quantitative Easing Policy on Volatility and Correlation among Asian Financial Markets article (157)
2015-12 Option pricing on foreign exchange in a Markov-modulated, incomplete-market economy article (355)
2015-07 State-dependent jump risks for American gold futures option pricing article (360)
2015-01 Information Transmission of International Stock Market and Domestic Futures Market: Evidence from Taiwan Stock Market article (713)(717)
2015 The Information Transmission Effect and Asset Prices: Evidence from the China B-Share Discount article (607)
2015 The volatility structure of oil futures market returns: an empirical investigation article (665)
2014.09 Investment of Foreign Financial Institutions in China Banking Sector: A Survival Model Analysis article (1086)
2014.06 Currency Hedging Strategy and Analysis of Taiwan Export-Oriented Firms article (1175)
2014.04 Pricing gold options under Markov-modulated jump-diffusion processes article (760)
2014-10 Risk Determinants of Gold Betas article (581)
2014-05 Illiquidity, Systemic Risk, and Macroprudential Regulation: The Case of Taiwan's Capital Market article (508)
2014-03 Stylized Empirical Features of Asset Return andAmerican Option pricing under time-changed article (410)
2013.09 Option Pricing Using the Martingale Approach with Polynomial Interpolation article (1068)
2013.08 Spatial and Temporal Effects of High-Speed Rail on House Prices – A Case of Kaohsiung City article (1097)
2013.07 An Analysis of Strategic Equity Stakes Acquisition of Chinese Bank by Foreign Financial Institutions article (1336)
2013.07 Determinants of firm adoption executive stock options in China article (1026)
2013-12 兩岸動態利率期限結構--馬可夫狀態轉換跳躍擴散模型之實證研究及其貨幣政策意涵 article (515)
2013-09 The Valuation of Currency Options with Markov-Modulated Jump Risks article (767)(577)
2013-07 Determinants of the adoption of executive stock options in china article (517)
2012.08 The Relation between Equity-based Compensation and Managerial Risk-taking: Evidence from China article (841)
2012.06 Valuation of Convertible Bond Under Levy Process with Default Risk article (1024)
2012.05 Option Pricing Using the Martingale Approach with Polynomial Interpolation article (1103)