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2017-04 Using sentiment analysis to explore the association between news and housing prices conference (337)
2014 Information content of financial reporting and information value of financial news - An opinion analytics approach conference (456)
2011-07 Evaluating the impact power of authors via Bayesian estimation of authors' social connections conference (568)
2009 資訊科技績效評量指標–以金融業與電子業為例 conference (950)
2007-11 A Generic Construct based Workload Model for Business Intelligence conference
2007-08 A Data Modeling for Cost Accounting Information Systems conference
2007-08 A Generic Transformation between XML and UML conference
2007-06 Chinese Information Segmentation in Non-financial Data conference
2007-04 Information Search in Financial Data conference
2007-03 Web Search Benchmark Workload conference
2006-11 A Selection Model of Data Mining Applications conference
2006-08 An integral data design of accounting information systems conference
2006-06 A relational and integral design of cost accounting information systems conference
2006-05 Information Integration in B2Bi EC conference
2006-04 A selection model for business data mining applications conference
2006-03 IT Capital Indicators – Evidence from Taiwan High-tech Industry conference
2005-11 A more generic construct-based data exchange in data warehousing conference
2005-08 A metadata OLAP exchange conference
2005-05 B2Bi EC Alignment Study conference
2004-10 Data Warehouse Metadata Transformation conference