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2017 Using Sentiment Analysis to Explore the Association between News and Housing Prices article (397)
2017 The Effect of Disclosure Patterns of Risk Factors in Prospectus on the Relation Between Strategic Alliances and Underpricing of Biotechnology IPOs article (257)
2017 The association between stock price volatility and financial news - a sentiment analysis approach article (144)
2016 IPO and Financial News article (196)
2015-05 Mandatory Adoption of XBRL and Mutual Funds Flows - Evidence from China conference (404)
2015 Voluntary Accounting Changes and Post-Earnings Announcement Drift article (712)
2015 Voluntary Accounting Changes and Analyst Following article (330)
2014-10 Mandatory Adoption of XBRL and Foreign Investors’ Holdings - Evidence from China article (318)
2014-04 Mandatory Adoption of XBRL Standards and the Performance of Listed State-Owned Enterprises and Non-State-Owned Enterprises in China article (543)
2014-04 The association between the mandatory adoption of XBRL and the performance of listed state-owned enterprises and non-state-owned enterprises in China article (609)
2013.11 XBRL、代理成本與績效水平-基于中國開放式基金市場的證據 article (975)
2013.08 Intellectual Capital Disclosure and Accounting Standards article (782)
2012.06 An intelligent XML-based multidimensional data cube exchange article (830)
2012.03 Indices of novelty for emerging-topic detection article (767)
2012-11 雲端治理 article (672)
2012-11 Telecommunication e-Services Orchestration Enabling Business Process Management article (880)
2012-09 雲端運算與電腦稽核--商機與治理 article (756)
2012-07 導入國際會計準則與商業智慧之應用 article (413)
2012-06 探討我國國際會計準則之導入--內部控制與資訊系統觀點 article (516)
2012-05 導入國際會計準則之資訊揭露--應用資料探勘與文字探勘技術 article (482)