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2018-08 Call Auction Frequency and Market Quality: Evidence from the Taiwan Stock Exchange article (253)
2012-05 Stock market development and the decline of the portion of dividend payer throughout the world article (1124)
2010-09 Does the Order between Dividend Payment and New Stock Issuance Matter to Stock Price? - Evidence from Taiwan article (932)
2010-08 Prior Payment Status and the Likelihood to Pay Dividends: International Evidence article (1034)
2006-06 Are dividends informative for new stock issuance article (1132)
1995-10 上市與未上市公司融資組合決定因素之比較-由保留盈餘與已收股本探討 article (372)
1995-01 上市與未上市公司融資組合決定因素之比較--由保留盈餘與已收股本探討 article (1506)
1993-10 財政政策與股市變動--以因果關係與VAR模型分析的台灣實證結果 article (249)
1993-01 財政政策與股市變動以因果關係與VAR模型分析的台灣實證結果 article (1340)