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2022-03 Multi-population Mortality Modeling: When the Data is Too Much and Not Enough article (12)
2021-10 On Voluntary Terminations of Life Insurance: Differentiating Surrender Propensity from Lapse Propensity across Product Types article (17)
2021-06 Applying economic measures to lapse risk management with machine learning approaches article (89)
2021-05 How can an economic scenario generation model cope with abrupt changes in financial markets? article (12)
2020-01 實施IFRS 9 與IFRS 17對我國壽險業監理與經營影響之分析 article (45)
2014-03 The Longevity Risk of Life Insurance Policies Induced by Pricing Error article (1057)
2012.12 獲利保障型指數連動年金之評價 article (841)
2012.12 Valuation of Rarchet Equit-Indexed Annuities article (548)
2012-12 Valuation of Ratchet Equity-Indexed Annuities article (1268)
2012-09 The Impacts of Surrender Options on Reserve Durations article (1059)
2012-03 壽險保單準備金之有效存續期間分析 article (779)
2011-06 通貨膨脹風險、學習機制與策略性資產配置 article (962)
2011-04 Applying Simulation Optimization to Dynamic financial analysis for the Asset -Liability Management of a Property-Casualty Insurer article (1788)
2010-11 Applying Simulation Optimization to the Asset Allocation of a Property-Casualty Insurer article (1578)
2010-05 剩餘盈餘評價模型於追蹤保險公司股價變化的應用 article (553)
2009.09 The Distributions of Policy Reserves Considering the Policy-Year Structures of Surrender Rates and Expense Ratios article (1054)
2009-06 The Term Structure of Reserve Durations and the Duration of Aggregate Reserves article (1192)
2008-10 漫談RBC的是是非非 article (761)
2008-07 心臟冠狀動脈繞道手術之醫療風險評估 ─ 一個台灣的實證研究 article (729)
2006.12 風險基礎資本、情境分析及動態模擬破產預測模型之比較 article (1034)
2006-12 An Empirical Study on the Solvency Prediction of Simulation Analysis, Scenario Analysis, and Risk-based Capital article (1259)
2005-10 保險公司如何進行資產管理 article (3832)
2005-08 Pension Fund Management Using the Markov Chain Approximation article (1114)
2005-06 Effects of Fluconazole Prophylaxis Against Systemic Fungal Infection in Extremely-low-birth-weight Infants article (1054)
2005-04 財務管理對保險公司的重要性 article (919)