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2006-10 Taiwan Residential Earthquake Insurance System: Reform and Transition conference
2006-04 強制汽車責任保險法之評析:保障對象與責任基礎之釐清 conference
2003-08 英美保險公證人制度之分析與比較 conference
2002-07 Structural Reform of Financial Regulation in Taiwan – Transition from the MOF to the FRC conference
2001-12 強制汽車責任保險法之修正建議─論汽車交通事故之界定 conference
2001-07 台灣金融監督管理架構之現況與未來 conference
2001-06 The Legal Framework for E-finance in Taiwan conference
2001-05 論保險監理之基本架構:兼論我國保險監理制度之改進 conference
2000-02 論中小企業互助保證制度之法律基礎 conference
1999-07 Global Standards of Capital Adequacy in Insurance Services conference
1999-07 Global Liberalisation of Insurance Services and Harmonization in Insurance Regulation: Reviewing Certain Regulatory Issues in Taiwan conference
1999-07 Insurance and Other Financial Services: Segregation and Convergence – the Regulatory Dilemma in Taiwan conference
1999-05 Global Liberalization of the Trade in Insurance Services: Scrutinizing the regulatory inefficiency in Taiwan conference
1997-12 論保險營業範圍之區隔與聚合 conference
1997-09 A Study on the Theories of Insurance Regulation -- What approaches can we take? conference