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1997-12 Coordination of Multiple Agents for Production Scheduling article (1385) 21 無資料
2004-06 Mediating Team Work for Digital Heritage Archiving conference (516) 8 無資料
2017-02 Influence of cultural factors in dynamic trust in automation conference (362) 7 無資料
2016-09 Relation between trust attitudes toward automation, Hofstede's cultural dimensions, and big five personality traits conference (235) 5 無資料
2011 Applying Link Prediction to Ranking Candidates for High-Level Government Post conference (865) 5 無資料
2018-11 The Effect of Culture on Trust in Automation: Reliability and Workload article (103) 4 無資料
2001-07 Gaz-Guide: Agent-Mediated Information Retrieval for Official Gazettes conference 3 無資料
2005-07 A Project Mediation Approach to Interdisciplinary Learning conference 3 無資料
1994 Collective Problem Solving Through Coordinated Reaction conference (605) 1 無資料
2006-11 Extracting Structured Subject Information from Digital Document Archives article 1 無資料
1993 Emergent Constraint Satisfaction Through Multi-Agent Coordinated Interaction article (528) 0 無資料
2019-06 Social Event Magnitudes via Background Influences and Engagement Capacities and its Applications conference (78) 0 無資料
2013-09 Discovering and characterizing political elite cliques with evolutionary community detection article (607) 0 無資料
2002-08 Designing Agents for Context-Rich Information Tasks conference 0 無資料
2008-11 On Developing Government Official Appointment and Dismissal Databank article (1134) 0 無資料
2008-09 A Participative Digital Archiving Approach to University History and Memory article (1411) 0 無資料
2017-11 Analyses on the Authority Migration and Geographical Context in Progeny Networks conference (252) 0 無資料
2004-06 An Ontology-driven Mediation Approach to Multimedia Archiving and Exhibition conference 0 無資料