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2020-07 Customized Scene Generation for Interactive Storytelling Games conference (24)
2020-07 Design of a Virtual Reality Game with Infinite Walking conference (43)
2020-05 Designing an Adaptive Assisting Interface for Learning Virtual Filmmaking conference (20)
2020-01 Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Automatic Classification of University Pro-gramming Courses conference (36)
2019-11 Design and Evaluation of 3D Interactive Storytelling with Wearable Devices conference (27)
2018-11 Design and Evaluation of a Collaborative Learning System for 3D Model Sharing 專書篇章 (126)
2018-07 Evaluation of Student’s 3D Modeling Capability Based on Model Completeness and Usage Pattern in K-12 Classrooms conference (44)
2018-06 資訊科學與質性研究之對話:Facebook打卡實踐之視覺化行人言說分析 article (52)
2017-09 Reflections and Operations of Interdisciplinary Methods on Qualitative Research: A Study of Facebook Check-in Practices article (311)
2017-09 資訊科學與質性研究之對話:臉書打卡實踐之視覺化行人言說分析 article (270)
2017-06 跨領域方法輔助質性研究之實作與反思:以使用者打卡實踐為例 conference (31)
2017 Logic control for story graphs in 3D game narratives conference (469)
2016-07 An information visualization system to assist news topics exploration with social media article (760)
2016-01 Social Sensor: an Analysis Tool for Social Media article (212)
2016 3D 互動敘事共創模式與演出控制之關鍵技術研究(二) report (450)
2016 The design and study of a serious game for attention training of the older adults conference (255)
2015 尋找媒體創用者的數位足跡:社交媒體研究之新方法探索---手機打卡與日常生活實踐:跨領域取徑之使用戰術研究(III) report (801)
2015 3D互動敘事共創模式與演出控制之關鍵技術研究 report (438)
2014.08 A Pattern-based Tool for Creating Virtual Cinematography in Interactive Storytelling conference (524)
2014.07 Camera Motion Graphs conference (559)
2014-12 Logging and analyzing long-term mobile user behavior article (930)
2014-08 Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics): Preface conference (771)
2014-07 A Pattern-based Discourse Structure for Virtual Cinematography conference (283)
2014-05 Automated Classification Design for Social Media Information in a Disaster Event conference (422)