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2006-08 基植於音樂風格的電腦音樂自動伴奏 conference (1546)
2006 Computer Music Composition Based on Discovered Music PatternsComputer Music Composition Based on Discovered Music Patterns conference
2006 Efficient Mining of Spatial Co-orientation Patterns from Image Databases conference
2006 Mining Spatial Co-orientation Patterns for Analyzing Portfolios of Spatial Cognitive Development conference
2006 Online Mining of Recent Music Query Streams conference
2006 Detecting Changes in User-Centered Music Query Streams conference
2006 Online Mining of Frequent Query Trees over Data Streams conference (1592)
2006 Automatic Emotion Annotation of Movie Scene Based on Film Grammar conference
2006 Automatic Query Refinement in Web Search Engines Using Implicit Feedback conference
2006 Automatic Music Arrangement Based on Music Style conference
2005-09 DSM-TKP: Mining Top-K Path Traversal Patterns over Web Click-Streams conference (584)
2005 Integration of Transfer of Learning to the Adaptive Learning Environment conference
2005 Emotion-based music recommendation by association discovery from film music conference (3241)
2004-09 An Efficient Algorithm for Mining Frequent Itemsets over the Entire History of Data Streams conference (592)
2004 Rhythm Style Mining of Dance Music conference (618)
2004 Mining Frequent Closed Structures in Streaming Melody Sequences conference
2004 Looking for New Not Known Music Only: Music Retrieval by Melody Style conference (533)
2004 Algorithms for Discovery of Frequent Superset Rather Than Subset conference (2884)
2004 On Mining Webclick Streams for Path Traversal Patterns conference (1506)
2002 A Personalized Music Retrieval System conference
2002 A Personalized Music Filtering System Based on Melody Style Classification conference
2002 Personalized Categorization of E-News Systems conference
2002 Music Style Mining and Classification by Melody conference
2002 PNP: Mining of Profile Navigational Patterns conference
2002 Fast Discovery of Structure Navigation Patterns from Web User Traversal conference