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2005-09 DSM-TKP: Mining Top-K Path Traversal Patterns over Web Click-Streams conference (584) 10 無資料
2012 Finding influential seed successors in social networks conference (669) 9 無資料
2005-11 Online Mining Maximal Frequent Structures in Continuous Landmark Melody Streams article (1849) 9 無資料
2004 Looking for New Not Known Music Only: Music Retrieval by Melody Style conference (533) 8 無資料
2006 Computer Music Composition Based on Discovered Music PatternsComputer Music Composition Based on Discovered Music Patterns conference 7 無資料
2004 On Mining Webclick Streams for Path Traversal Patterns conference (1505) 7 無資料
2008-03 Relevance feedback for category search in music retrieval based on semantic concept learning article (1448) 7 無資料
2006 Online Mining of Frequent Query Trees over Data Streams conference (1589) 6 無資料
2004 Mining Frequent Closed Structures in Streaming Melody Sequences conference 6 無資料
2010.08 Algorithms for Discovery of Spatial Co-orientation Patterns from Images article (1024) 5 無資料
2001-04 A framework for temporal similarity measures of content-based scene retrieval article (1661) 5 無資料
2009 Automatic System for the Arrangement of Piano Reductions article (920) 5 無資料
2013-12 VizStory: Visualization of digital narrative for fairy tales conference (735) 5 無資料
2012.01 Towards an Automatic Music Arrangement Framework Using Score Reduction article (1026) 3 無資料
2006 Efficient Mining of Spatial Co-orientation Patterns from Image Databases conference 3 無資料
2013-09 Popularity Prediction of Social Multimedia Based on Concept Drift conference (417) 3 無資料
2013-12 X2-Search: Contextual expert search in social networks conference (872) 3 無資料
2007 Mining Temporal Co-orientation Pattern from Spatio-temporal Databases article (575) 2 無資料
2011-07 Exploiting endorsement information and social influence for item recommendation conference (448) 2 無資料
2006 Mining Spatial Co-orientation Patterns for Analyzing Portfolios of Spatial Cognitive Development conference 2 無資料
2012 Dynamic selection of activation targets to boost the influence spread in social networks conference (789) 2 無資料
2018-11 A Cross-Domain Recommendation Mechanism for Cold-Start Users Based on Partial Least Squares Regression article (190) 1 無資料
2006 Online Mining of Recent Music Query Streams conference 1 無資料
2015 Automatic Generation of Visual Story for Fairy Tales with Digital Narrative article (383) 1 無資料
1998-11 Multidimensional Filter: A New Indexing Method for Subpicture Query of Image Retrieval article (959) 1 無資料