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2004-12 貸款購屋者與潛在購屋者決策行為之研究 conference
2004-12 不同時間、空間住宅租金與其房價關聯性之研究 conference
2004-12 從房地價格分離探討地價指數之建立 conference
2004-12 不同拍賣屋市場機制差異之研究 conference
2004-12 從不同住宅類型探討面積與單價之關係 conference
2004-08 The Impact of Kinship Networks on Asset Division and Financial Aid Decisions in Taiwan conference
2004-08 Changing Studies on Households' Employment Structures and Commuting Decisions: The Evidence based on the 1990's and 2000's Data in Taipei Taiwan conference
2004-08 Appraisal Behavior on Market Comparison Approach in Taiwan conference (2600)
2004 Impacts of Mortgage Interest Rate Subsidies On Loan Amount and Loan-to-Value conference
2003-12 「雪中送炭」或「錦上添花」?--政府優惠房貸之效益評估 conference
2003-12 法拍屋市場結構與價格之分析 conference
2003-12 家戶就業結構與通勤選擇之變遷分析--論1990年和2000年間的變化 conference
2003-12 台灣房地產景氣動向預測準確度之研究 conference
2003-12 以財務結構與實質選擇權觀點檢視上市櫃建設公司購地時機 conference
2003-12 建商訂價行為之研究--探討不同類型建商訂價行為之差異 conference
2003-12 預售屋、新成屋與中古屋住宅選擇行為之探討 conference
2003-12 住宅市場之產品定位分析--市場分析差異性與餘屋之關連分析 conference
2003-12 不動產投資信託資產價值評估之探討 conference (929)
2003-12 一般優惠房貸措施對於住宅消費之影響 conference
2003 Real Estate Non-Performing Loans and Banking System conference
2003 Who Should be Subsidized While Subsidized Home Loan Program as a Political Instrument to Stimulate Housing Demand in Taiwan? conference
2002-12 購屋搜尋行為影響之研究 conference
2002-12 住宅市場產品之偏離度與產品定位分析-建商市場行為分析之研究 conference
2002-12 不動產證券化可行性之研究-供給面分析 conference
2002-12 家戶遷移與居住品質變化關係之研究-台北縣市的實證分析 conference (1248)