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2008 A Language Information Retrieval Approach to Writing Assistance article (748)
2007-08 人文社會科學研究資源中心芻議 article (2726)
2007-05 數位時代圖書資訊學研究與教育趨勢專刊序 article (204)
2006-11 Extracting Structured Subject Information from Digital Document Archives article
2005-09 Building Digital Heritage with Team Work Empowerment article (939)
2002-12 資料倉儲與資料探勘技術簡介 article
2001-07 Gaz-Guide: Agent Mediated Information Retrieval for Official Gazettes article
1997-12 Coordination of Multiple Agents for Production Scheduling article (1390)
1993 Emergent Constraint Satisfaction Through Multi-Agent Coordinated Interaction article (533)