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2002-12 上市櫃建設公司土地開發時機與市場風險關聯性之研究 conference (1374)
2002-12 離巢?不離巢! conference (1339)
2002-12 空屋的迷思 conference (2034)
2002-09 不動產證券化可行性分析 conference
2002-07 Home-buyer' Searching Behavior in Taichung Taiwan conference
2002-07 Taiwan Real Estate Market in Post Asian Financial Crisis Period conference (2918)
2002-04 Land Use Adjustment and Financial Analysis on Area Around MRT Stations conference
2002-02 台北市集合住宅管理維護模式之研究 conference
2002-02 家戶遷移決策與居住品質提升之研究—台北縣市的實證研究 conference
2002-02 我國不良資產處理方式之研究—台北市法拍屋分析 conference
2002-02 購屋搜尋行為影響因素之研究 conference
2002-02 房地產市場之產品定位與產品風險之研究—台北縣市住宅市場之分析 conference
2002-02 建設公司財務預測與不動產投資關連性之研究 conference
2002-02 分公司辦公室區位選擇之研究 conference
2001-07 A Study of Households Mobility Decision and the Moving Path Decision conference
2001-07 The Second Homes in Taiwan conference
2001-07 The Headquarters Office Location Change in Taipei Metropolitan Area conference
2001-05 A Performance Evaluation of listed Real Estate Companies in Taipei-Data Envelopment Analysis Approach conference
2001-01 網路購物物流服務對連鎖便利商店營業額之影響 conference
2001-01 家庭所得與住宅價格長期關係探討-STOPBREAK模型之應用 conference
2001-01 網路科技對建設公司經營影響之研究 conference
2001-01 台北都會區企業總部辦公室區位變遷之研究 conference
2001-01 上市櫃建設公司績效評估與影響因素探討 conference
2001-01 台北都會區第二屋購行為之研究-從第一屋與第二屋特徵差異分析 conference
2000-07 Rent Difference between office and Housing in Taipei Taiwan conference