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1998-08 Household's Employment and the Decision of Residential Location conference
1998-08 Price-Volume Relationship between Housing Spatial Submarkets conference
1998-08 影響購屋貸款提前清償因素之研究 conference
1998-08 家戶就業與住宅區位決策之研究 conference
1998-08 住宅空間次市場--價格與數量之關係 conference
1998-08 臺灣房地產景氣與總體經濟,金融市場關係之研究 conference
1998-06 Expectation Pre-snnouncement and Housing Cycles in Taiwan conference
1998-06 家戶就業與住宅區位選擇之研究--女性配偶決策影響力之探討 conference
1998-02 預售屋代銷業行銷策略分析 conference
1998-02 不動產交易安全分析--履約保證制度 conference
1998-02 台北市拆遷戶安置模式之研究--以都市更新與重大工程為例 conference
1998-02 上市建設公司營運績效之研究 conference
1998-02 住宅建築投資與預售屋價格互動關係之研究 conference
1998-02 購屋貸款提前清償機率之研究 conference
1998-02 家戶住宅需求影響力之變遷分析--性別、薪資差異與空間需求的討論 conference
1998-02 台灣房地產景氣循環分析 conference
1998-02 住宅空間次市場價量關係之研究 conference
1997-12 實施容積率管制對房地產市場之影響分析 conference
1997-07 建築投資業的現況與展望—兼論房地景氣的影響 conference
1997-05 Construstion Lags and housing Cycle in Taiwan conference
1997-05 Price-Volume Relationship Between Existing and Pre-sales Housing Market in Taiwan conference
1997-01 Mortgage Prepayment in Taiwan conference
1997-01 The Relationship between Household Characteristics and Housing Location Choice- the Viewpoint of Feminist Influence on Housing Location Choice conference
1997-01 Dynamic Analysis of Real Estate Cycles in Taiwan conference
1997-01 Price-Volume Relationship between Existing and Pre-Sales Housing Market in Taiwan conference