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2020-09 A Wearable Appliance for Jogging Stride Frequency Calibration using Vibration Feedback 廖峻鋒Liao, Chun-Feng、Liu, Pei-Shan、Lin, Wei-Cheng、Ma, Yi conference (32)
2020-07 A SDT-SFBT based group intervention on college students’ smartphone addiction and positive smartphone usage. Paper presented at the ECAH2020 International Convention, London, UK. (MOST 108-2511-H-004-003 -) 陳揚學Chen, Yang-Hsueh、Wu, Y. C. conference (22)
2020-06 Investigating Teachers' Design Vitality With Design Thinking Engagement and Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge 洪煌堯Hong, Huang-Yao、Chen, Nanxi、Chai, Ching Sing、Jyh, Chong-Liang conference (69)
2020-05 建構本土的跨專業學校輔導團隊:專任輔導教師的觀點 陳婉真Chen, Wan-Chen、李佳恩、江守峻 conference (19)
2020-05 學校輔導工作團隊中校長的專業角色與挑戰 陳婉真Chen, Wan-Chen、李佳恩、江守峻 conference (14)
2019.12 How does school leadership affect student mathematics achievement? 邱美秀Chiu, M.-S.、朱梅花、Zhu, M. conference (36)
2019.12 共榮與共融的潛在課程-校園遊憩設施革新之案例分析 謝宛芹、Hsieh, Wan-Chin Chang conference (64)
2019.12 客家地區校園建築特色及其文化傳承蘊意 —以桃園、新竹客家地區九校為例 彭允、Peng, Yun conference (12)
2019.1 Taiwanese college students’ self-regulation and its relationship with positive smartphone usage and behavior. 陳揚學Chen, Yang-Hsueh、Lin, Y. L. conference (31)
2019.1 Adolescent mathematics ability trajectories and related ecological factors. 邱美秀Chiu, M.-S. conference (106)