Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2020-08 Using deep learning with convolutional neural network approach to identify the invasion depth of endometrial cancer in myometrium using MR images: A pilot study 董祥開、Dong, Hsiang-Chun、Yu, Mu-Hsien、Lin, Yi-Hsin、Chang, Cheng-Chang article (18)
2020-07 Do Cooperative Based Learning Groups Help Students Learn Microeconomics? 陳鎮洲Chen, JennjouLin, Tsui-Fang article (17)
2020-07 A Note on Labor Share, Price Markup and Monetary Policy 朱琇妍、Chu, Shiou-Yen article (31)
2020-06 重新詮釋我國政府之KPI-以社會建構論之觀點 江明修、王維德 article (18)
2020-06 推動農業生態方法以實踐生態農業之探究 顏愛靜Yen, Ai-Ching article (28)
2020-06 影響壽險業房貸違約因素之研究 林左裕、Lin, Tso-yu Calvin、邱政憲、Chiu, Cheng-Hsien article (21)
2020-06 GEO‑pivoted carrier ambiguity resolution: a method for instantaneous ambiguity resolution in mid‑low‑latitude regions 儲豐宥、Chu, Feng-Yu、楊名、Yang , Ming、陳彥廷、Chen , Yan-Ting article (15)
2020-06 社會交換視角下的信任─性別與異質性的社會資本 熊瑞梅、Yang, Tien-Tun、熊瑞梅Hsung, Ray-May、杜業榮、Du, Ye-Rong、盧科位(Lu, Ke-Wei) article (29)
2020-06 Building Friendship with Boss: Strategic Prosocial Behaviors in the Agency Model 何靜嫺Ho, Shirley J.、Tsai, Yi Hao article (14)
2020-06 The Effect of Microinsurance on Insurance Market: Evidence from Taiwan 何靜嫺Ho, Shirley J.、Hsu, Hsui-Hao article (17)