Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2009 River, People and Place under Water Management: Resource Discourse and Indigenous Testimonies 官大偉 conference
2009 The Attitudes toward and Enactment of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Principles among Professionals in Rehabilitation Agency 宋麗玉 conference
2009 兩岸經濟合作架構協議之進程:海峽經濟區先試先行之建議 林祖嘉 conference
2009 Analysis of Micro-Behavior and Bounded Rationality in Double Auction Markets Using Co-evolutionary GP 陳樹衡、R.J Zeng、T. Yu conference
2009 Analysis on urban land cover classification in Taipei City using FORMOSAT-2 MS images Lu, K.-M.、Lin, H.-T.、Sun, Chen-Yi、孫振義 conference (954)
2009 Monitoring i-lan coastal zone using multi-temporal Formosat-2 images Jan, Jihn-Fa、Hsu, Y.-C.、詹進發 conference (915)
2009 Heat balance analysis in Taiwanese cities using aster and formosat-2 data Kato, S.、Liu, C.-C.、Sun, Chen-Yi、孫振義 conference (900)
2009 Land subsidence monitoring using airborne LiDAR data and relevant auxiliary data Hsieh, Hsing-Yi、Lee, C.-C.、謝幸宜 conference (896)
2009 本土實證民族志在學術創新中的重要作用——2009年11月14-15日參加中央民族大學民族學與社會學學院“民族學/社會文化人類學導論概念更新與內容涵蓋”研討會感言 張中復 conference (416)
2009 Knowledge management performance: The development of an integrated model Chu, Ping Yu、Huang, C.-W.、朱斌妤 conference (899)